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Retort pouch which type?

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Retort pouch which type?

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You should always see it in the supermarket cooking bags, cooking bags is a composite plastic film bag can be heat-treated aluminum foil retort pouch due to its excellent properties and is widely used aluminum foil bags that have what it classified?

First, aluminum foil cooking bag which has a classification?

1, the light aluminum bag: aluminum material, the appearance of silver white, bright surface.

2, dumb aluminum bag: aluminum material, the appearance of silver-white, matte, black surface, matte.

3, matte gold bag: aluminum material, the appearance of dark gold, matte, black surface, matte.

4, aluminum bags: aluminum material, the appearance of silver (white porcelain bias), shiny surface, great sense of texture.

Retort pouch


Second, the manufacturers of aluminum foil cooking bag Which product is good?

Packing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu bigger introduce advanced technology and equipment, a complete set of production line printing presses, complex machine, bag making machine, cutting machine, round, etc., to produce high-grade bags dominated; according to customer different customized production of a variety of products. Lab is equipped with gas chromatography, infrared spectrometer, oxygen permeability tester, water vapor permeability tester and a series of testing equipment, in 2012 the company introduced the ERP production management system, from raw material to finished product traceable to its source, fully guaranteed product quality.


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